Thousand Threads

An open world game where your actions matter.

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"This is a style of game design that I love."

- Jack de Quidt, Waypoint

"...Seamount Games seeks to rectify the iffy morality systems and stories that have plagued open-world games in the past..."

- Caty McCarthy, Kill Screen

" looks really cool."

- Nathan Grayson, Kotaku

Thousand Threads is an open world game where characters remember and react to the things you do — where your actions matter.

Maybe you deliver an item for a guy. He gives you a reward and likes you a little more. Or maybe instead of delivering the item, you sell it to the highest bidder. Now the guy hates you. He tells his friends and they hate you. You're rich, but on the run.

It's not a morality system. It's not a scripted story with branching paths. It's a system of cause and effect. Characters have unique personality traits, memories, and goals, so they act and react differently. Your actions build your story.

Give, take, save, kill, inform, hide, be loyal, betray. Do what you want, and deal with the consequences.

Platforms: Windows and Mac — Steam. Potential for others.
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Made by: Brett Johnson

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