Brett Johnson
(Seamount Games)
Based in Seattle, WA

Release date:
July 30, 2020



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Thousand Threads is a beautiful open world where you deliver mail, find artifacts, help people out, and fend off folks you’ve wronged.

Take on jobs. Find an attacker's identity. Retrieve stolen items. Deliver a gift. Obtain a lost keepsake. Complete the tasks however you like and make some money. Or betray your employer and make an enemy.

Deliver the mail. Open letters to discover more about the people you meet. Some folks are easier to find than others.

Discover ruins and collect artifacts. Sell the artifacts and learn the history of this place.

Help out. If you see someone being attacked, lend a helping (or hurting) hand. Characters remember and react to the actions you and others take.

Fend off folks you’ve wronged. You can attack, rob, or kill just about anyone. But you’re likely to make enemies. And they’re likely to tell their friends and family. And you’ll likely need to watch your back. But it’s almost never too late to turn old enemies into friends.

Gather plants, mushrooms, pelts, and more to craft and upgrade your tools, weapons, and ammo along the way.

Explore vibrant landscapes. Chase rabbits and deer. Run from wolves and bears. Find overlooks. Throw rocks in the water. Enjoy the world around you.

Get a new experience with every new game. The characters' traits and relationships are randomized at the start, so you get a fresh adventure on each replay.

Available on Windows and Mac through Steam and Itch.io.


It's been a near six-year, solo-development journey of learning Unity and to program in C#, building and rebuilding systems, designing and scrapping features, figuring out 3D modeling, having a kiddo and finding time to work during her naps, writing, making music and sound effects, and of course, marketing. It took way longer than I expected (always the case), but I made something I am super proud of. I fulfilled a childhood dream. I made something substantial and, I think, beautiful.


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Selected Articles

  • "This game has a f***in’ look."
    - Austin Walker, Wardcast
  • "This is a style of game design that I love."
    - Jack de Quidt, Waypoint
  • "...it looks really cool."
    - Nathan Grayson, Kotaku
  • "'Things go wrong' is one of the best genres of videogames. Thousand Threads is an upcoming open world game that seems to embrace that philosophy, if the developer’s attempt to create a video demonstration is anything to go by."
    - Brendan Caldwell, Rock Paper Shotgun
  • "Even outside of the game’s mechanics, we’re interested in its visuals; they’re simplistic and bright but extremely pretty and considering it’s coming from a one-man development studio, [Thousand Threads] looks incredibly impressive."
    - Emma Boyle, Gadgette
  • "Perhaps most striking about [Thousand Threads] at first glance is its starkly simplistic, low-poly art style."
    - Caty McCarthy, Kill Screen
  • "I feel like "open world" and "your actions matter" have lost most of their meaning, slowly becoming buzz words in the realm of games press. This trailer for [Thousand Threads], however, gives those words some serious oomph."
    - Lena LeRay, IndieGames
  • "It’s a simple cause/effect, being bad and getting found out leading to an angry mob, but it hints at a richer world not defined by a story but the scenarios you create. The art style is gorgeous, too."
    - James Cunningham, Hardcore Gamer
  • "Seamount Games blessed our eyes..."
    - Future Beta Gamer

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About Seamount

Seamount Games is a one-man game development company run by Brett Johnson. He is currently working on Thousand Threads.

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For more information on Seamount, you can contact me.

Thousand Threads Credits

Art, Design, Music, Programming, Sound, Writing
Brett Johnson

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